Our Activities:

Activities are specifically chosen for each centre and to meet the needs of the children in each group.

Activities will be educational, challenging and more importantly FUN. 

All activities are delivered under the careful supervision of our highly qualified staff.

Activity List:

Dash ‘N’ Grab                                                      Canoeing

Wipe Out                                                                 Rafting 

Collision Course                                Giant Waterslide

Eliminator                                                      Swimming 

Pony Hop                                                  Wrecking Ball

Disco Dome                                             Kick and Stick

Spongee Polo                                              Astro Soccer

Giant Obstacle Course                   Parachute Games

Giant Jigsaw Relays                         Fun Orienteering

Dodgeball                                           Interactive Games

Tic Tac Toe                                                        Basketball

               Rodeo Bull                                   Kick and Stick